Why Calibate?

Measuring instruments are the 'heartbeat' of your company as they check and measure your production processes. They control the quality of your products and in the end are responsible for the success and the profitability of your business.

By regularly checking your equipments with traceable calibration equipment ensures your quality always matches the customer's expectations. Regular calibration lets you:

1. Assure consistent quality of your production output
2. Lower operating cost due to enhanced reliability
3. Gain optimal access to international markets
4. Establish a quality system
5. Address quality audit and reviews
6. Maintain quality of specifications
7. Meet production control criteria
8. Measure inspection and testing results
9. Establish calibration traceability

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Calibration Services

At ETS we understand that precise and accurate pressure measurements are essential to our customers’ in-process safety, compliance, and management efficiency. Whether we’re calibrating your pressure transmitters, deadweight testers, pressure gauges, or transducers, you can be assured that our hydraulic and pneumatic pressure calibrations will be performed with true SI unit traceability through NIST. Performed by our highly-trained technical staff and industry-renowned metrology and quality experts

Whether you’re in a clean room or on a pipeline, have a plant full of pressure gauges or a single unit, you can trust ETS's calibration services to consistently deliver a world-class accredited pressure and vacuum calibration.

1. Deadweight Tester Calibration
2. Pressure Transmitter & Sensor Calibration
3. Pressure Gauge Calibration & Vacuum Gauge Calibration
4. Transducer Calibration
5. Manometers and Barometers Calibration
6. Thermometer Calibration - Infrared and Handheld
7. RTD calibration
8. Thermocouple Calibration
9. Dry Block, Temperature Oven, Bath, and Furnace Calibration& more

Our Services

FlexVu Universal Display

The FlexVu Universal Display is a life-safety display unit that provides non-intrusive calibration, local event logging, and third-party performance certifications. This display/control u​nit reduces spare-parts inventory by operating with industrial communication protocols such as HART and Modbus and by working with a wide spectrum of toxic and combustible gas sensors and other 4–20 mA analog devices:

Combustible Gas Detectors:​
- PointWatch Eclipse® IR (PIRECL)
- Open Path Eclip​​se IR (OPECL
- PointWatchTM IR (PIR9400)
- Catalytic Combustible Sensor (CGS)

Toxic Gas Detectors:
- GT3000 Electrochemical (H2S, O2, H2, CO, NH3, NO2, Cl2, SO2)
- NTMOS NanoTechnology Metal Oxide Semiconductor (H2S)