Providing Complete Protection

ETS is a full-service provider of customized cathodic protection systems to major infrastructure assets such as oil, gas and water pipelines, above ground storage tanks, power generation, nuclear industries, energy facilities, deep wells, steel-in-concrete structures and many other infrastructures industries.

Combined with our excellent corrosion engineering services, installation and maintenance services these systems allow us to be internationally code compliant and provide high-value corrosion control solution to a global client base.

The corrosion prevention measures provided by ETS:

  • Prevent catastrophic events such as pipelines ruptures
  • Protect workers and the public
  • Protect the environment from exposure to hazardous materials
  • Extend asset life of critical infrastructure for decades
  • Reduce maintenance, repair and replacement costs
  • Permit operators to comply with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements

What We Do

Services Include:

Deep Anode Bed System Installation
Are mostly used for the protection of well casings and pipelines, and normally range from 150-700 ft. in depth and consist of 10-20 anodes.
Shallow Anode Bed System Installation
Used to protect pipeline and are normally augured holes from 10-20 ft. with six to 20 anodes installed.
Under Tank & Interior Tank CP Installation
To protect the bottom of storage tanks & protect the interior walls and interior tank bottom of storage tanks.



Why Corrosion Protection is Critical

Different Infrastructures in the oil, gas, power, water and others are subject to ongoing effects of corrosion due to natural causes and AC (alternating current) interference from electrical transmission lines. ETS utilizes proven techniques and proprietary products to prevent corrosion, maintain safe and reliable operation, extend asset life and prevent devastating failures. These corrosion prevention methods deliver outstanding results and are proven to extend life of your infrastructure.

You can rely on ETS for complete corrosion prevention solution:

1. Provide you with a single point of contact for all CP project matters
2. Include complete testing, specifications, budget, materials, installation and maintenance
3. Enable each participant and subcontractor to focus on their core competencies
4. Provide safe, timely and cost-effective management of your CP project

Structural Integrity Services

ETS provides a range of structural Integrity services for both onshore and offshore assets. We recognize the criticality of these structures which typically ensure continued production, house multiple personnel, hazardous equipment, and maintain protection to the local environment.

Our services cover both green-field and brown-field installations to ensure assets are designed, constructed, maintained, operated and decommissioned in a safe and responsible manner. We also develop strategies, performance standards, Integrity assessments, tender specifications and perform bid evaluations. Our inspection teams prepare and deliver topsides and subsea risk-based inspection workscopes that follow our Integrity framework and inspection procedures which are compliant with API recommended practice.

Our engineering team completes our capabilities by offering a variety of detailed analysis techniques using market leading software solutions to support daily operations, analyse defects or to demonstrate structural Integrity.

Wells and Subsurface Integrity Services

The management of well Integrity is a combination of technical, operational and organizational processes to assure well Integrity during the complete operating life

Marine Integrity Services

Marine equipment typically operates for long periods of time in severe and arduous environmental conditions. In addition, when failures do occur, serious safety, business and environmental incidents can result.


ETS provides full life cycle management of pipelines from appraisal through to design, construction, operation and decommissioning. ETS’s methodology for operational pipeline Integrity management consists of proactive and reactive approaches to the management of pipeline assets.