Chassis of your choice, built according to your need

Providing specialized vehicles for heavy work


Trying to be into more technical side, we work on extremely complicated vehicles which need high level of precision to be built. ETS has been working on such vehicles for a very long time and is experienced enough to provide what you need.

We work with well known companies around the world such as Volvo or MAN etc, providing 6×4/8×4 axles or other, engines with high torque output to fulfil your need, EBS (Electronically-controlled Brake System) provides superior response etc.


Fire & Safety has always been our key success area, we have been working in this sector for more than 18+ years. Expanding our company from F&G products we have been working with intricate fire lorrys such as Fire Fighting Vehicles, Crash Tenders, Airport Fire Vehicles

For us protection of our customers has been our top priority, we have been providing safety vehicles to Pakistan Navy & Oil and Gas sector of Pakistan. Our trucks are equipped with chassis of your own choice, and custom built to meet your needs.

fork lifterS

No matter what your application or your warehousing needs, we’re sure to have a forklift truck that meets your requirements. Our range of trucks are designed to fulfil all your requirements; coming in a variety of sizes and with various abilities to suit your needs from world leading companies.

ETS has filled people with enthusiasm throughout the world about the development and supple of high grade industrial trucks with electric, diesel and LP gas drives. This is because we place particularly high emphasis on properties that make your work easier on all our trucks and ensuring your applications are completed efficiently, safely and smoothly.

Dumper Trucks

We supply heavy duty dumper trucks with different loading capacity. Our robust vehicles work for heavy duty construction projects, and are used by different companies in Pakistan. We are keen to satisfy our customers and try our best to goto maximum extends to resolve their matters even after sales

Due to this we have made a vital place in Pakistan market & have established to be an important company to provide trucks according to our customers need.