From solution provider to product vendor

Measuring, monitoring, and controling a process


Times continue to change so do the needs of the industry. Products manufactured by our principal (Ashcroft Inc.) have become the benchmark in pressure and temperature measurement.

Specified around the world for most demanding requirements, these instruments are widely recognized under brand name Ashcroft, Hese, Willy andWeksler.

Our broad line of pressure and temperature gauges and switches is complemented by a full line of pressure transducers and test equipment. Along with more traditional technology, Ashcroft products offer exclusive mechanical innovations such as Plus™, PowerFlex™ and FlutterGuard™ movement technology to combat process vibration. The new line of Ashcroft Digital Test gauges offers a Total Error Band specification unmatched in digital or analog gauge products.

Whether traditional analog or state of the art electronic, the Ashcroft name provides the reliability our Process and General Industrial customers require.truments

Our Products range

1. Industrial Pressure Gauges
2. Bimetallic Temperature Gauges
3. Digital Pressure Gauges
4. Diaphragm Seals
5. Transducers & Transmitters
6. Pressure Switches
7. Temperature Switches
8. Test Instruments

Target Market

As the leader in technology and innovation we offer our principals design new products based on current and emerging market requirements as well as individual customer requirements. The main markets we target are:

1. Oil & Gas Sector
2. Fertilizer & Chemicals Plants
3. Power Generation Plants
4. Food & Beverages Industry
5. Pharmaceutical Industry
6. General Industry
7. Cement plants