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Since our aim is to ensure complete customer satisfaction, cables and transmission lines we offer are manufactured with the most modern equipment tomeet the very latest quality standards.

Our ability to understand customer requirement and to meet and exceed expectations is a major reason why we have become an indispensable partners to many world famous companies working with Oil & Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Telecommunication and Electrical Engineering.

Our Certifications Include:

Our Products

Power Cables

Low and medium-voltage XLPE cables, including armoured and unarmoured designs, single and multicore options, and a range of sheathing offerings. All our power cables meet strict international quality assurance standards, including IEC 60502 and BS 6622, to ensure longevity, reliability and consistent performance. However, they can also be tailored to suit specific requirements such as enhanced performance and environmental protection

Speciality Cables

Speciality instrumentation and industrial cables, including fire retardant and halogen acid gas-free cables, engineered to perform exceptionally and safely in even the most demanding industrial environments. Such cables are ideal for oil and gas applications in the petrochemical industry, for use in renewable power generation, and within the mining, railway, transit, automotive, military and industrial sectors

Building & Grounding Cables

Bare and insulated copper cables for residential, commercial and institutional construction projects that are engineered for reliability, durability and safety, whatever the installation environments or challenges. Our designs can also be tailored to individual specifications, including added environmental protection and safety features

Land HV & EHV Cables

High voltage and extra-high voltage power transmission cables including, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, thermocouple, fire resistant, and lead sheathed cables. All our HT, MT, LT and EHV cables meet strict quality assurance standards to ensure compliance with international specifications. However, they can also be made to individual customer requirements.

Communication Cables

Fibre-optic and copper conductor communication cables, supplied to government agencies and private and public companies. Again, all products meet strict quality assurance standards to ensure compliance with international specifications

OHL Conductors

Copper and aluminium conductors, with or without steel cores, bare or insulated. All our conductors meet relevant quality-assurance ASTM, DIN, IEC and BS specifications. We also manufacture them to individual customer requirements and other recognised standards

Airport Lighting Cable

Airport lighting cables that comply with FAA Advisory Circuit 150/5345-47B. The temperature rating for this cable, wet or dry, is 90º C (+194ºF) -65ºC (-85ºF). Our cross-linked cable construction is cross-linked polyethylene insulation and is manufactured in capacities ranging from 600 volts up to 5,000 volts.

Railway Signaling Cables

It doesn´t matter if it is the current supply on board or in the base of the rail, various control tasks, data transmission or if a complete cable network is required – in all fields cables are needed. Besides being halogen free the used railway cables have to be flame retardant and self-extinguishing and are not allowed to enhance flame propagation.

High Frequency Cables

Used in RF industries mostly, our cables are certified and are being used widely. Representing world renowned companies, our products perform from 50 GHZ to 65 GHZ

Our Market

ETS has expertise in delivering world-class products and services to utilities, industrial, oil, gas, electrical, communication and commercial enterprises. No matter the industry, our solutions fit every need and perform exceptionally in every environment.
Our targeted market is:

1. Oil & Gas
2. Power & Utility
3. Telecommunication
4. Civil & Commerical
5. Industrial
6. Transport